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Vialogues In-Class Activity for High Schoolers: 9/11 Ten Years Later  ☆

9/11 In-class Vialogues Activity Use to facilitate discussions in the high school classroom around events and issues surrounding the 10th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Materials Needed Computers, headphones & access to After creating a account you can find sample vialogues we have created for you to use by entering …

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What makes Video Effective for Learning? (+ a How-To Round-Up!) 

Have you ever used a video to learn something new?  If so, then you know the advantages and limitations firsthand.  From the  instant learning gratification of a well-produced  tutorial like this video that shows you how to make a frittata, to the bad camera angles and poor delivery of a homemade  how-to, video-based learning is an ever-evolving …

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Vialogues Blog Exclusive: Melanie Hibbert on the Future of Video in the Classroom  ☆

Melanie Hibbert, Doctoral Candidate in the Instructional Technology and Media program at Teachers College, Columbia University, shares her thoughts on the future of video in the classroom.  Questions we explore in this informal interview include: What is the future of video in schools? Now that FlipVideo is no longer, will SmartPhones will take-over? What is the …

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What's hot at Vialogues HQs?  ☆

1.  At a staff meeting here today at Vialogues Headquarters (a.k.a. EdLab), our fearless leader Jo created a group exercise using Vialogues. The video in question, a teaser for an episode of the HBO reality series Masterclass, features Frank Gehry as he challenges aspiring architects to create the “impossible.” Headphones on, we began watching the …

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Digging deep and getting dirty 

If you just wanted to watch a video online, there are dozens of services that I could send you to...and none of them would be Vialogues. If, on the other hand, you wanted to get your hands a little dirty, you have come to the right place. Vialogues lends itself perfectly to the art of …

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