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Leap Motion 

Happy Monday! Here is a cool Vialogues video on Leap Motion, a super awesome 3D motion-sensing device.

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Happy Friday! Can you imagine having this in your house? Amazing what people can do nowadays using technology.

Posted 71 months ago by

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Vimeo on Vialogues 

Fans of Vimeo, this one is for you. In the same way that you’ve been able to embed YouTube videos on Vialogues, you can now embed Vimeo videos as well. Huzzah! Just go to Create > Use Vimeo and add the links to as many artsy animations and student projects as your heart desires. Direct …

Posted 77 months ago by

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Fresh to death features on Vialogues 

Here’s a rundown on what’s new on Vialogues: Create groups of vialogues and people What’s better than one vialogue? LOTS OF VIALOGUES.  Navigate to the groups page by clicking on the “My groups” link on the dropdown menu under your name in the nav bar. “My groups” allows you to curate a collection of your …

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Latest version of Vialogues released today! 

V-Day is upon us once again and we've cooked up some sweet new features that we think you’ll enjoy. We’ve also fixed many of the bugs that have been plaguing you. Here’s what’s new: 1. Save your favorite vialogues Now you can save that intriguing vialogue for later by clicking on the star next to …

Posted 87 months ago by

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Happy Vialogues Day, everyone! The new site is up. Go on, take a gander. Be sure to register first. It's okay, I'll wait. Now, I know I touched on this briefly yesterday, but I want to walk you through the changes and improvements we've made to Cleaner and clearer user interface This handy-dandy comment …

Posted 95 months ago by

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Thinking of Switching to WordPress 3.2? 

First, check-out this great round-up of new & redesigned features by Christina Warren @ Mashable! Here is a summary from Christina's post: New Minimum Requirements. No-More IE 6 Brand-New Default Theme Simplified Writing Mode Redesigned Dashboard What are your thoughts on these new and improved features? FYI for you Google+ …

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Vialogues's new release is out now! 

The Vialogues team is proud to announce the release of an updated Vialogues with new features and minor bug fixes. Some of the features included in this release are: - Moderators, participants can now delete comments. - Pagination. - RSS and sitemap. - Improved My Vialogues tab for distinguishing vialogues you are moderating and vialogues …

Posted 97 months ago by

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New feedback mechanism for Vialogues! 

Vialogues now has a new and improved feedback mechanism. We have integrated a third party feedback tool called "User Voice", in Vialogues. If you click on the Feedback widget on Vialogues home page, you can see the screen below: You can send a direct message through the "Contact Us" tab (private feedback) or suggest a …

Posted 99 months ago by

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Vialogues: New and more awesome! 

New vialogues! Polling! YouTube videos! Better permissions settings! The enhancements are subtle but significant. In fact, you might not even notice a difference—or, you might just be new to the site. If this is the case then just trust me when I tell you that this is a big release.  In addition to many critical …

Posted 100 months ago by

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Whats cooking inside Vialogues kitchen? 

Vialogues team has been continuously working hard to make Vialogues, more pleasing and useful for its users. You will see the following functionalities/improvements very soon in Vialogues. - Questionnaire creation within Vialogues : Along-with posting a simple text as a comment, the vialogue moderators will be able to post multiple-choice and check-all-that-apply questions (as comments). …

Posted 100 months ago by

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The Arrival 

I know, I know… I left you waiting with bated breath but -- at long last --IT HAS ARRIVED! After a few weeks of bug fixes and other tweaks, Vialogues (note the “s”) is now ready for public consumption. To see it for yourself, visit it at Loyal fans of the site will notice the …

Posted 102 months ago by

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In Anticipation 

The day we have waited for is fast approaching. Well, I’ve waited*. Most of the rest of us have waited. There are others though, a dedicated and hardworking crew, who have done just the opposite.  Those who have been so busy that they don’t have time to wait.  Even pausing for a moment is a …

Posted 103 months ago by

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