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Fresh to death features on Vialogues 

Here’s a rundown on what’s new on Vialogues: Create groups of vialogues and people What’s better than one vialogue? LOTS OF VIALOGUES.  Navigate to the groups page by clicking on the “My groups” link on the dropdown menu under your name in the nav bar. “My groups” allows you to curate a collection of your …

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Cellos and comets and fashion, oh my!  ☆

What's hot at Vialogues this week? We're glad you asked. The Piano Guys & getting kids excited about classical music. A How-To video on making some pretty primitive-looking "comets." A romantic schizophrenic and his romantic, schizophrenic "art." What do these things all have in common? They're all Vialogues, of course, but they're Vialogues that …

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Graduation Days! 

Congratulations to the class of 2011 Whether you are graduating this year, or you graduated a while ago, this day remains special, as it either creates new memories or brings back old ones. What have your thoughts and experiences been on your graduation day? And how does it feel to be a graduate? Discuss it …

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Is Manny Pacquiao the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)? 

Manny Pacquiao is an eight-division world champion. He is the first boxer in history to win ten world titles, the first to win in eight weight divisions and the first to win the lineal championship in four different weight classes. So how does he stack up against boxers like Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, and …

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President Obama on death of Osama Bin Laden: Featured discussion. 

Check out our featured discussion today, "President Obama's speech on the death of Osama Bin Laden". Start discussing now!

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