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Vialogues Blog Exclusive: Melanie Hibbert on the Future of Video in the Classroom  ☆

Melanie Hibbert, Doctoral Candidate in the Instructional Technology and Media program at Teachers College, Columbia University, shares her thoughts on the future of video in the classroom.  Questions we explore in this informal interview include: What is the future of video in schools? Now that FlipVideo is no longer, will SmartPhones will take-over? What is the …

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Let’s talk. 

As usual, we at Vialogues HQ have been discussing how to make Vialogues better. Based on some user feedback and our own observations, we've determined that, as we developers continue to use Vialogues to demonstrate its efficacy as a learning tool, we need to address the following concerns:<img class="size-medium wp-image-385 alignright" src="" alt="" width="287" …

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VYou-ing the future of Vialogues  ☆

On Friday, June 10, over a dozen EdLab folks dispersed throughout the city to participate in the annual Walkabout NYC. The goal: to see the inner workings of internet start-up companies, survey their surroundings, talk with their founders and employees,  and learn from them. A few of us spent …

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The Arrival 

I know, I know… I left you waiting with bated breath but -- at long last --IT HAS ARRIVED! After a few weeks of bug fixes and other tweaks, Vialogues (note the “s”) is now ready for public consumption. To see it for yourself, visit it at Loyal fans of the site will notice the …

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