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Happy Vialogues Day, everyone! The new site is up. Go on, take a gander. Be sure to register first. It's okay, I'll wait. Now, I know I touched on this briefly yesterday, but I want to walk you through the changes and improvements we've made to Cleaner and clearer user interface This handy-dandy comment …

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Vialogues's new release is out now! 

The Vialogues team is proud to announce the release of an updated Vialogues with new features and minor bug fixes. Some of the features included in this release are: - Moderators, participants can now delete comments. - Pagination. - RSS and sitemap. - Improved My Vialogues tab for distinguishing vialogues you are moderating and vialogues …

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Whats cooking inside Vialogues kitchen? 

Vialogues team has been continuously working hard to make Vialogues, more pleasing and useful for its users. You will see the following functionalities/improvements very soon in Vialogues. - Questionnaire creation within Vialogues : Along-with posting a simple text as a comment, the vialogue moderators will be able to post multiple-choice and check-all-that-apply questions (as comments). …

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