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Happy Vialogues Day, everyone! The new site is up. Go on, take a gander. Be sure to register first. It's okay, I'll wait. Now, I know I touched on this briefly yesterday, but I want to walk you through the changes and improvements we've made to Cleaner and clearer user interface This handy-dandy comment …

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New Vialogues to launch in T-minus 3…2… 

Team Vialogues is getting pumped. Tomorrow, July 12, is our official launch date for our latest and greatest version of Vialogues, our asynchronous, annotated video discussion platform. So what's makes the new version better? GLAD YOU ASKED. In a nutshell... 1. We're getting prettier! Just look at our new homepage and our sweet, automatically scrolling

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In Anticipation 

The day we have waited for is fast approaching. Well, I’ve waited*. Most of the rest of us have waited. There are others though, a dedicated and hardworking crew, who have done just the opposite.  Those who have been so busy that they don’t have time to wait.  Even pausing for a moment is a …

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