Whats cooking inside Vialogues kitchen?

| February 4, 2011

Vialogues team has been continuously working hard to make Vialogues, more pleasing and useful for its users. You will see the following functionalities/improvements very soon in Vialogues.

Questionnaire creation within Vialogues : Along-with posting a simple text as a comment, the vialogue moderators will be able to post multiple-choice and check-all-that-apply questions (as comments). We see this functionality to be useful among teachers to gather a quick understanding of students on a particular theme in the video or to create polls/surveys.

Embedding Youtube videos in Vialogues : The users will be able to embed videos from Youtube into Vialogues for discussion of those videos in Vialogues.

– An improved EdLab Central Authentication Service (CAS) page. And a new login page for Vialogues.

– A better User Feedback space on Vialogues.

Keep checking with us fellow Vialoguers!