New feedback mechanism for Vialogues!

| March 8, 2011

Vialogues now has a new and improved feedback mechanism. We have integrated a third party feedback tool called “User Voice”, in Vialogues. If you click on the Feedback widget on Vialogues home page, you can see the screen below:

Feedback widget

You can send a direct message through the “Contact Us” tab (private feedback) or suggest a new idea (public feedback). You can discuss and vote for ideas.
It searches as you type to find similar ideas/questions before creating a new one.

Through this feedback tool, we hope to achieve the following:

1. Better managing the support and feedback for Vialogues.
2. Having a consistent engagement with our users, keeping the people in the loop, showing them that we are listening.
3. Making the users feel involved in the development of Vialogues.

We have currently signed up for the trial version of “UserVoice” (30 days) to evaluate it before we continue its’ usage.

Try this out today on Vialogues and let us know your thoughts!