YouTube + Creative Commons = ? ☆

YouTube has finally joined with Creative Commons to allow users to share & remix designated content under their CC-BY license.   What does this mean for users and creators of content?  Well, that depends on what end of the camera you’re on…

Argument #1: This is the most amazing, wonderful and quite possibly the best idea ever conceived.  Those in favor cite examples akin to Andy Warhol “remixing” the Campbells soup can and make a case for the power of remixes to create iconic art (video, music etc.).

Argument #2:  This is the worst idea ever and will further strengthen the power of vested interest groups whose only goal is to exploit the talents of every amateur videographer who has ever turned a camera on their pet turtle.

The reality most likely lies somewhere in the middle… what do you think of this new effort to make YouTube more open and remixable?