What's hot at Vialogues HQs? ☆

| June 7, 2011

1.  At a staff meeting here today at Vialogues Headquarters (a.k.a. EdLab), our fearless leader Jo created a group exercise using Vialogues. The video in question, a teaser for an episode of the HBO reality series Masterclass, features Frank Gehry as he challenges aspiring architects to create the “impossible.” Headphones on, we began watching the three-minute video on our laptops; within seconds, we were debating the definitions of “master” and “innate talent,” the value of mentors, and the difference between commitment and perseverance. Watch the video and join the discussion here.

2.  Joining the rest of the nation in the Weinergate debate, one Vialogues user posted two videos: Congressman Anthony Weiner’s shameful “cover up,” and then his public confession. Was his apology genuine? Should he resign? Are a politician’s personal affairs any of the public’s business? Watch and discuss here and here.

3.  Vintage Disney cartoons can spark debate, too! Watch Donald Duck struggle with paying his income taxes here, or see how a giant ear of corn can win World War II here. Don’t forget to add your own time-coded questions and comments!