VYou-ing the future of Vialogues ☆

| June 14, 2011

On Friday, June 10, over a dozen EdLab folks dispersed throughout the city to participate in the annual Walkabout NYC. The goal: to see the inner workings of internet start-up companies, survey their surroundings, talk with their founders and employees,  and learn from them. A few of us spent a good deal of time at VYou headquarters — a start-up of particular interest to the Vialogues team because of its focus on video discussion!

Chuck Reina, co-founder of VYou (which he pronounces vee-you, surprisingly), was a pretty fantastic “tour guide.” He walked us through the product’s features, highlighting certain users (such as the delightful Fantastic Foursome), channels (including The Fix, a powerful way for folks struggling with addictions to connect), and even VYou’s newest feature, Montages, where one question is posed for all VYou users to answer (as opposed to a single user), and these answers can then be viewed consecutively. See our (admittedly rough) video footage of Chuck’s talk here and here.

While VYou is primarily a social tool and Vialogues a learning tool, our discussion with Chuck got us excited about other things that Vialogues can potentially do for its users: public and private user channels; side-by-side video comparisons; private messaging; learning communities sorted by area of study, workplace, age, grade, school, or class; all of the above – or none at all! As we develop Vialogues, we need to keep unearthing ideas, recycling ideas, tossing aside ideas, picking them back up again – whatever’s necessary to create a product that, at its very core, promotes learning.

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