| July 12, 2011

Happy Vialogues Day, everyone!

The new site is up. Go on, take a gander. Be sure to register first. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

Now, I know I touched on this briefly yesterday, but I want to walk you through the changes and improvements we’ve made to

Cleaner and clearer user interface

  • This handy-dandy comment icon is now completely ubiquitous.
  • Moderator icon. Now you you can easily peruse dozens of comments in a vialogue and immediatelysee which were made by your trusted moderator(s). Very practical for classroom settings.
  • Dynamic banner. Automatically scrolling. Extremely chic, no?
  • Easier sorting. In a click, rearrange all the vialogues available by Most Active, Recent Comments, Recently Vialogues, and A-Z.
  • Easier searching. Not only is our search bar much easier to spot, but we’ve added an Advanced Search option, because we are so very, very advanced over here.
  • If you’re a moderator, now you can delete irrelevant or unsavory comments by other participants. Also very practical for classroom settings.
  • Edit and delete your own comments. ‘Nuff said.

Profile page

  • Now, by clicking on your name in right-hand corner, you can select “View Profile” to see the total number of comments you’ve made on Vialogues, how many vialogues you’re moderating, and how many you’re participating in.
  • You can also see all videos you’ve uploaded and how many vialogues they have inspired.
  • Easily view and sort the Vialogues you’ve participated in.


  • Opt in to receive notification emails. Stay up-to-date and more involved with your vialogues!
  • Notification system. These two little buttons next to our logo activate when you receive requests by other users to join a private vialogue, and real-time notifications when others comment on a vialogue you’re participating in.


  • Embedded vialogues: The ability to embed a vialogue existed before, but now changes made to a vialogue will appear in the embedded vialogue as well. Also, the scrollable comments have now shifted to below the video.
  • When writing comments, line breaks will actually show after you click “Post.”
  • Any web address you type in a comment will become a clickable link.
  • Because Vialogues is flash-based, it doesn’t work on iPhones and iPads. As a partial solution, embedded vialogues are now HTML5-compliant.

As far as technical improvements, that’s about it, but our web design team has done a killer job making Vialogues simply nicer to look at, too. Particular props go out to Vialogues Team members Josh, Pranav, Alex, Wei, and Yudan!

Stay tuned to learn how you can receive an exclusive invite to our free Vino & Vialogues promo event on July 20th…