Vialogues: New and more awesome!

| March 3, 2011

New vialogues!
YouTube videos!
Better permissions settings!

The enhancements are subtle but significant. In fact, you might not even notice a difference—or, you might just be new to the site. If this is the case then just trust me when I tell you that this is a big release.  In addition to many critical bug fixes, we have introduced a suite of new features; some long-talked about while others are fresh additions based on your feedback.

The first change you might notice is the content in the featured content reel on the homepage. Vialogues has its own vialogues now! If you remain clueless yet intrigued about this whole thing, check out “What is Vialogues” and “A Dialogue on Vialogues” to get a glance of what Vialogues is and how you might use it.

Another addition is the polling feature.  Now any moderator can poll their group at any point before, during, or after a video.  Like comments, polls are time-coded and users can reply as a comment to them. Only poll moderators have access to the results of these polls.

The process of creating and sharing vialogues perhaps has seen the most apparent enhancements.  In addition to being able to upload your own videos or to choose from existing videos on the site, you can now easily use YouTube videos for your vialogue by simply entering the video’s URL when prompted.

You can now grant access to your vialogue by using a secret link that you send to your group members.  You can reset this link at any time, giving you complete control over your vialogue.

Did you notice anything new that I didn’t mention?  Let’s see how good that eagle eye of yours is— Leave me a comment if you think you spot something fresh on the site.

As always, we invite you use Vialogues, spread the word, and give us your feedback. Don’t love it yet? Tell us what would get you there!