Using Technology to Teach the World About Film

| February 26, 2013

Ghetto Film School (GFS), a nonprofit based in the South Bronx, is taking full advantage of the internet to offer film classes across the globe. Through Google+ Hangouts, GFS is experimenting with ways to scale its MasterClass, a highly acclaimed educational model that connects successful professionals with aspiring young filmmakers.

Moved by the story of a young Haitian filmmaker who participated in the Google+ version of the MasterClass, Vialogues participants reflect on this unique learning space:

@02:03 elisa.brazil: What an incredible opportunity for film students around the world to have a conversation with Lee Daniels!

@02:11 Glamorgan: This is a such a great example of opening up access to the social component of learning

@03:20 Glamorgan: Helping students discover their talent from any corner in the world

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This article first appeared on New Learning Times on 2/26/2013