The Latest Buzzword in Ed?

| January 31, 2013

The term “blended learning” has been popping up quite frequently which has caused some to wonder whether it’s a fleeting trend or if it’s here to stay. This is the question tackled by Ramsey Musallam, science teacher and host of the Infinite Thinking Machine’s web series on YouTube.

Blended learning is a mix of online learning and face-to-face instruction. There are four models: rotation, flex, self-blend, and enriched virtual; finding the most effective of these models is nearly impossible due to the fact that even they can (and should) be blended!

In answer to the question of whether blended learning is a fad or if it’s truly an innovation, Ramsey and his two guests offer their somewhat surprising insights. To see what they said, and learn about a number of tools to support a blended classroom, watch the video above. As always, your thoughts and reactions are welcomed additions to the ongoing discussion on Vialogues.

@1:07 George: I like the concept of blended learning but worry about its implementation and whether it will be useful for most students

@02:40 LauraCostello: It’s interesting that adaptive learning technologies (more personal programs) are helping teachers also be more personalized in their in-person teaching. Is this because of the data?

@07:32 zhou: This guy for a second time spoke my mind. Don’t overstate or overuse a new technology or a new theory. They are good just in the ways they are good at.

This appeared first appeared on New Learning Times on 1/31/2013