Techno Music Remixed

| February 19, 2013

Music and technology are both universally understood; that is, you needn’t speak a common language in order to understand what a song is about or how to use a piece of technology (if it’s well made!). In this way, it makes sense that one could be used to teach the other.

Technology has made quick friends with STEM subjects, while those within the arts and humanities have played second fiddle. Generally speaking, when you hear “elementary school music class” you likely don’t immediately think of smart boards and fancy tech equipment, but that may soon change. iPad apps, engaging games, and amplification devices, as shown in the vialogue above, are proving to be handy tools within the music educator’s arsenal.

Do you think tech in the music classroom is a gimmick or a godsend? Let the world know by leaving your thoughts inĀ the ongoing discussion on Vialogues:

@00:55 MartinPaper: “Technology keeps kids interested no matter what.” To what extent does technology help students retain information as well?

@01:18 Rita: This game is a great way for kids to be physically active while increasing their musical knowledge! Who would have thought you could break a sweat while learning about music?

This article first appeared on New Learning Times on 2/19/2013