Sir Ken Robinson on Changing Education Paradigms

| January 17, 2013

For all you visual learners out there, check out this animated talk by Sir Ken Robinson on educational paradigms!

According to Robinson, every country on the planet is working on reforming its public education system in order to more effectively educate its students. Unfortunately, we are trying to meet the needs of tomorrow’s learners using outdated practices and approaches. In the process, we are alienating millions of kids who don’t see the purpose in going to school.

After pointing out a number of depressing consequences, thanks to our current misguided thinking on learning and education, Robinson urges us to move away from old educational approaches and think of ways to better meet the needs of today’s learner. His ideas initiated a robust conversation among Vialogues users:

@00:00 acipollina: Sir Ken Robinson brought up how we group students according to their age, not their intelligence level in school. Do you think public schools switching to this mind set and starting to place children in grades depending on their intelligence level would have positive or negative effects?

@02:07 awegbeit: I think that the most striking aspect of this video for me was when Sir Ken Robinson brought up how education systems are passed down like genetics. Why do we split students up based on grade level rather than ability level? “It’s like the most important thing about them is that date of manufacture.” I think that dividing students up based on their ability is hurtful rather than helpful…

@07:31 lwagnac: This reminds me of the Black Solidarity Conference I went to recently where Cornel West had spoken about this emergence of education as divergent thinking and the importance of being “vertical” and “horizontal”. Vertical, where you use the past to critically analyze the present, and horizontally where you use those pasts to visualize potential futures (or ideas/innovations), as he mentioned in the video. Its interesting how education has developed, and the idea of “smartness”, and such.

Do you agree or disagree with Sir Ken Robinson regarding the need for drastic education reform in light of our post-industrial society? Join the conversation on Vialogues to add your thoughts!

This article first appeared on New Learning Times.