Looking into the future with AR glasses

| February 14, 2013

Glasses make you look smart, but augmented reality lenses may actually make you smarter. Sure, the exact glasses in the vialogue above may not yet exist outside of the filmmaker’s imagination, but they open the door to the world of wonderment and whimsy surrounding such technology. Not since Geordi la Forge’s VISOR have we been so inclined to imagine the future of vision and the endless possibilities that technology affords. All that changed in late 2011 when Google’s Project Glass leaked to the press. Even before there was a prototype of Google’s AR glasses, people worked themselves into frenzies just trying to imagine the capabilities and pure awesomeness they would offer.

Imagining the future of education doesn’t have to involve plotting the next great Sci-Fi flick, but it should push educators and learners to think of magnificent questions never before asked: What if images could leap off books, instantly creating 3D models; what if landmarks came equipped with floating titles and descriptions? What are some of your what-ifs? See what others are saying in the ongoing discussion on Vialogues:

@1:18 BridgetJane1: Wow! How exciting a book can become…

@2:42 Carla: “Expand your imagination.”

This article first appeared on New Learning Times on 2/14/2013