In Anticipation

| November 22, 2010

The day we have waited for is fast approaching.

Well, I’ve waited*. Most of the rest of us have waited. There are others though, a dedicated and hardworking crew, who have done just the opposite.  Those who have been so busy that they don’t have time to wait.  Even pausing for a moment is a luxury!

If you haven’t been around the office, let me paint a picture for you.

In our open office space, it is hard not to notice when someone is not at his or her desk, as has been the case for Vialogue’s lead developers.  Secluded in one of our more private meeting spaces, Faisal Anwar, Pranav Garg, and Zhou Zhou have been working furiously to meet the 11/23 release deadline for the newest, baddest version of Vialogue.  And when I say furiously, I mean typing codes and fixing bugs with heads down, headphones on, and eyes barely blinking …. total productivity zone initiated.

From the left: Pranav Garg, Faisal Anwar, and Zhou Zhou all hard at work (and NOT blinking!)

What exactly is it that they have been working on? To put it simply they, along with other members of the Vialogue team, have been working towards an overall enhancement of the tool– we’re talking in functionality AND appearance.  What makes this release so much bigger than the ones preceding it is exactly that! It’s BIGGER! Never before have we implemented so many changes, at least… not visible ones.  With this release we finally embrace the name “Vialogue”, laying to rest the old banner and the old name that many of us had grown accustomed to using.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise of the great unveiling, though.  Tomorrow we will unwrap the gift together and discover the new and enhanced features of Vialogue.   For now, though, we wait. For now… they work.

*When I say I’ve waited, I mean that in an extremely active “I’ve got this up to ‘Ready, Set…’ and I’m just waiting for the ‘Go!'” kind of way. The entire Vialogue team has been hard at work preparing for this release. I do think the extra hard work of the developers these past few weeks deserves recognition, though!