Happy V-Day!

| August 16, 2011

Despite our silence on the blogosphere (do people still use that word?), things have been quite lively around these parts lately.   Our development team has been hard at work, implementing a few new and highly anticipated features as well as several important big fixes.  Here’s what’s been keeping us busy since our last release:

  • On the Manage page…
    • Close a vialogue
      • You can now disable commenting on your vialogues by “closing” a vialogue.  You can reopen a vialogue at any time. (Note: This does not change the permission setting of a vialogue, meaning that if it was a public vialogue at the time you close it, it will remain public until you change its permission settings.)
    • Delete a vialogue
      • You asked for it and you got it! This is a permanent decision on your part, though, so make sure you want to go through with it. The Vialogues team can not recover any deleted vialogues.
  • On the Play page…
    • Comment density timeline
      • See when the most comments were made in a vialogue by looking at this visual timeline.  The higher the bar, the more comments!
    • Real time notifications
      • Now you can keep up with the newest comments in a vialogue with our comment notification system.  If you are in a vialogue when someone else adds a comment, you will see a message telling you that there are [however many] new comments.  Clicking on this message will reveal the new comments in the order of their time code.  New comments are marked with the indicator “New,”making them hard to miss.
    • Feedback when submitting comments
      • Now right after you submit a comment you will see a little processing indicator pop up, giving you feedback that your comment is in the process of being submitted. This cuts down on confusion and the number of double postings.  It’s a small victory, but significant nonetheless!
  • Connect your Vialogues profile to your Ednode profile picture
    • If you have an Ednode account, your Vialogues account will automatically be synced to it
  • Advanced search
    • You can now fine tune your search results by performing advanced searches
  • Tagging
    • You can add a hashtag (#) to your comments to make certain words searchable.  In context, hashtags are great for making your point stand out.  Out of context, they are a great way to see how many people are talking about whatever you searched for!
  • Created Jquery plug-in “VialoguesPlayer”
    • This plug-in makes videos look consistent across browsers— all video players look the same now. This wasn’t always the case, especially for videos embedded from YouTube.
    • Vialogues now plays on iPad and iPhone! Before, only embedded vialogues were able to play in these devices but now you can play vialogues from the actual Vialogues site.


  • Embedded vialogues
    • We fixed the problem of the broken words. In the previous version, words would get cut off and continue on the the next line, making for an awkward reading experience.  Words now wrap to the next line.
    • You can scroll through the discussion using your laptop’s trackpad now, instead of solely relying on the scroll bar.
  • Basic search
    • Basic search results are returned much quicker than before and are more accurate now.

For more information on any of the features mentioned above, I encourage you to check out our help page or our help desk.  As always, we welcome your feedback!

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