Fresh to death features on Vialogues

Here’s a rundown on what’s new on Vialogues:

  • Create groups of vialogues and people
    • What’s better than one vialogue? LOTS OF VIALOGUES.  Navigate to the groups page by clicking on the “My groups” link on the dropdown menu under your name in the nav bar. “My groups” allows you to curate a collection of your vialogues and then grant access to this collection to a group of people. This means an end to adding the same participants to individual vialogues over and over again.
  • See related vialogues
    • Related vialogues display by default on all vialogue play pages. To hide these vialogues, toggle the switch to “Off.” If nothing displays on this section, it means that there are no related vialogues yet.
  • See recommended vialogues
    • Recommended vialogues are based on your Ednode profile. You can see these recommendations on the Explore page. If you haven’t filled out an Ednode profile, you won’t have any recommendations.

….And here are some bug fixes we made that will make many of you very happy:

  • The Q&A button (found on Vialogues video players) now displays a timestamp when opened.
  • The speed at which notification messages are displayed on the site has been improved. Now messages load much faster when you click their respective icons in the nav bar.

Thanks to everyone on the Vialogues team (and beyond) for making this release possible.

Special shout-outs to my right-hand man/Solutions Architect (Pranav) and our group-building crew (Sharath and Pranav), our promo team (Kate, Janet, Laura, Manav, and Megha), our designers (Brian and Daniel), our bug exterminators (Zhou and Yudan), and our “general counsel” (Gary and Hui Soo). (If I missed anyone, I am truly sorry! That’s the danger of calling people out…).

At this rate, I may as well thank ALL of EdLab. In fact, that’s what I’ll do. THANK YOU, EDLAB!

Now go get to vialoguing and let us know what you think of the new features! You can start with this one.