“Why I Flipped My Classroom”

| January 29, 2013

Ever feel like the traditional classroom just doesn’t make sense? Katie Gimbar definitely has. Previously, this math teacher had spent 90% of her class time introducing new content to her students, which allowed very little time to practice applying it. Just as perplexing, the set up of her traditional classroom meant that she had to “teach to the middle” in terms of performance level. The outcome was that her more advanced students were bored because they weren’t challenged, while her struggling students were falling behind because they weren’t getting the necessary individual attention needed to excel.

The traditional classroom configuration struck Katie as ludicrous. At risk of flipping out, she decided to flip her classroom instead. Now 90% of class time is spent on engaging in new content and only 10% is used to introduce new material. Vialogue users had much to say about this new class arrangement and what it means in terms of learning:

@01:49 Katezvdp: “Pause, Rewind, Rewatch” is a great call-to-action for the flipped classroom… much better than the 60’s version “Tune in, turn on, and drop-out.

@02:16 HSC: The classroom she describes looks like one you would set up to support differentiated learning.

@03:26 DLales: After watching this video do you think that flipping is an effective way to teach?

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This article first appeared on New Learning Times on 1/29/2013